The Craft

Frothin’ for a frothie? Perth bars have nothin’ on us.

We’re pretty lucky over here. Why? We’ve got a lovely beer garden. Loads of craft beer and cider (over 80 to choose from).

Seriously. Ten beers on tap. An epic range of lagers, pilsners, wheat beers, ales, pales, IPAs… The list goes on.

We’re in the heart of Northbridge. We’ve got comedy. That’s right.

We’re not the newest or “coolest” Perth Bar. But we know good beer and cider. And we’ve been here forever. Frothin’ for a frothie? Lookin’ for a laugh? This is the place.

Bring mates. Get beer. Eat meat.

What’s on at The Craft?

Check it!

Featured Beer of the Month

Outback Jacks knows good beer, and likes a good Perth Brewery

Owner, Ray, is a stickler for beer. He likes to mix it up. Every month he chooses his favourite craft from a Perth Brewery. Every now and then an international pick.

What’s his latest favourite?

Ray’s loving… Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

“While the weather slowly warms up, I usually reach for a pale ale. Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale is full-flavoured, fruity and perfect for Perth’s warmer weather.”

– Owner, Ray

Beer Menu

Do pubs in Perth have enough craft beer and cider? We don’t think so. That’s why we serve as many crafts as we can get our grubby little hands on. Take a look.

Full drinks menu

Being one of the best bars in Perth has as much to do with the drinks we offer, as it does about our location. We have an enviable drinks menu. Take a look.

The Jack's Challenge

Seasoned competitive eater, or born and bred meat-lover? Think you can devour a 1-kilo steak in less than 30 minutes?

Food warriors have entered our steakhouse with bravado, only to leave with their tails between their legs and tears in their eyes. We bid them farewell. Those who succeed are our true heroes.

Are you ready?

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